White Noise is Ireland’s leading beatboxer. Since 2001 White Noise has performed live hundreds of times throughout Ireland, as well as in the UK, Spain, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and USA, including the Beatboxing World Championships and music festivals such as Electric Picnic, Oxegen, and No Place Like Dome (NPLD). White Noise also runs regular beatbox workshops for children and adults throughout Ireland, and has collaborated with other artists including percussionists, vocalists, producers, traditional Irish musicians and classical musicians. White Noise also regularly performs at corporate events, with many high-profile clients including Google, Nokia, Heineken, Tiger Beer, Boss, and Sennheiser. In 2009, White Noise toured South East Asia, performing in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, and in 2010 White Noise collaborated with Trinity College Dublin’s Science Gallery. White Noise also founded the Beatbox Ireland collective in 2011 to unite beatboxers spread across the country in order to build the art-form at home by hosting jams and battles.

Going forward, White Noise continues to perform regularly at all types of events and festivals and still regularly runs his workshops for all ages, teaching the art of beatboxing to young and old as well as expanding on his Beatbox Ireland project.

For more info, contact bookings@whitenoise.ie or connect to White Noise on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/whitenoisebeatboxer

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